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Welcome to Pizzageddon - a game that will take you to a post-apocalyptic world where pizza has become the most valuable commodity. Take on the role of a brave pizza delivery man and face the challenges that await you in this extraordinary world.

In Pizzageddon, your goal is to survive in a brutal competition for pizza deliveries. You have to get as many orders as possible, avoid traps and fight other suppliers to ensure dominance in the pizza market.

Experience fully dynamic gameplay as you navigate post-apocalyptic streets on your custom-built bike. You have to be quick and agile to reach your customers on time and deliver their favorite pizza. But be careful - there are dangers and enemies on the way that want to stop you.

Get unique skills and upgrade your gear to become the best delivery man in Pizzageddon. As you play, you earn experience and coins that you can use to unlock new abilities such as super-fast delivery and resistance to enemies. You can also upgrade your bike by adding new components to improve your performance.

Pizzageddon is also great multiplayer fun. You can compete with other deliverers in multiplayer mode and prove who is the real pizza delivery king. Organize tournaments, cooperate with other players or just have fun during sessions with friends.

Are you ready to face Pizzageddon? Get ready for a real challenge that will provide you with a lot of excitement and fun. Get your deliveries, fight for market dominance and become a pizza delivery legend. We are waiting for you!

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