Kizi Mizi: Palisade Guardian 3

Palisade Guardian 3

Palisade Guardian 3: City Defense

In the online game Palisade Guardian 3, you take on the role of an experienced marksman whose task is to defend the city from attacking enemies. Still equipped with powerful weapons, you must put up a fight and prove your marksmanship.

Defending the city from enemy invasion

Your city is threatened by hordes of enemies that are trying to gain control over strategic points. As the Palisade Guardian, your goal is to stop them from achieving these goals. You must remain alert and focused to destroy any enemy that approaches the city.

Use your shooting skills

With the powerful weapons that are available in the game, you can show off your excellent shooting skills. Aim with precision and shoot your enemies before they destroy buildings and city resources. Remember that access to various types of weapons and ammunition will help you effectively repel enemy attacks.

Upgrade your skills and gear

To become an even stronger shooter, earn points and coins as you play. You can use them to upgrade your weapons, buy new ammo and unlock additional abilities. The more you develop your skills and upgrade your equipment, the better your chances of repelling enemy attacks.

Defeat the bosses and save the city

During your adventure in Palisade Guardian 3, you will face powerful bosses. You must use all your skills and strategies to defeat these dangerous opponents. Defeating the bosses is a key step in defending the city and protecting its inhabitants.

Victory is in your hands

Your country and city are counting on you. Your shooting skills and courage are crucial in the fight against your enemies. Can you defend the city and defeat all enemies? It's time to check it out in Palisade Guardian 3!

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