Palisade Guardian 2 - Modern Combat

Palisade Guardian 2 : Modern CombatFlash has been discontinued, therefore Flash games cannot be played at this time.
However, we offer modern games using HTML5 available below.

Soldiers CombatSoldiers CombatSentry GuardianSentry GuardianModern SnakeModern SnakePixel Combat MultiplayerPixel Combat MultiplayerModern Combat DefenseModern Combat DefenseModern Princess Prom Dress UpModern Princess Prom Dress UpMad Combat MarinesMad Combat MarinesAviation Art Air Combat PuzzleAviation Art Air Combat PuzzleModern Little Fairy fashionModern Little Fairy fashionWedding battle Classic vs ModernWedding battle Classic vs ModernCombat PenguinCombat PenguinCombat Cubic Arena MultiplayerCombat Cubic Arena MultiplayerRoyal Queen Vs Modern QueenRoyal Queen Vs Modern QueenHeavy CombatHeavy CombatModern Girls Collage DayModern Girls Collage DayPlanet GuardianPlanet GuardianWW2 Modern War Tanks 1942WW2 Modern War Tanks 1942Space CombatSpace CombatCombat ReloadedCombat ReloadedCombat Pixel Arena 3D Zombie SurvivalCombat Pixel Arena 3D Zombie SurvivalCombat 3d Pixel Strike MultiplayerCombat 3d Pixel Strike MultiplayerNoob Ninja GuardianNoob Ninja GuardianFractal Combat XFractal Combat XModern Bus ParkingModern Bus ParkingModern warfareModern warfareSky Combat Squadron BattleSky Combat Squadron BattleZurry The Ritual BatZurry The Ritual BatZumba OceanZumba OceanZumba ManiaZumba ManiaZumba ClassicZumba ClassicZumba ChallengeZumba ChallengeZUMAR DELUXEZUMAR DELUXEZuma Zodiac SignsZuma Zodiac SignsZuma BoomZuma BoomZuma BallZuma BallZucchini Spaghetti Bolognese - Cooking with EmmaZucchini Spaghetti Bolognese - Cooking with EmmaZrist DXZrist DXZristZristZopZopZoobies ConnectZoobies ConnectZoobies CollapseZoobies CollapseZoobiedokuZoobiedokuZoobie BlocksZoobie BlocksZooba Fun DifferencesZooba Fun DifferencesZoo SlingsZoo SlingsZoo PongZoo PongZoo PinballZoo PinballZoo MysteriesZoo MysteriesZoo Mahjongg DeluxeZoo Mahjongg DeluxeZOO Hidden StarsZOO Hidden StarsZoo FeederZoo FeederZoo BoomZoo BoomZoo AnimalsZoo AnimalsZonic Rush ToiletZonic Rush ToiletZombinatorsZombinatorsZombify MeZombify MeZombies vs. HalloweenZombies vs. HalloweenZombies SurvivalZombies SurvivalZombies Shooter Part 2Zombies Shooter Part 2Zombies ShooterZombies Shooter