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Kizi Mizi: Paint Run

🕹️ Paint Run

In Paint Run, you play as a small, colorful creature named Pixel. Your task is to travel through various levels full of colorful obstacles and traps to reach the end of each stage. Pixel has the amazing ability to paint tracks behind him, which is crucial to overcome the difficulties on his way.

Pixel lives in a magical world where all the inhabitants are colorful characters made of paints. However, recently, an evil wizard named Grayscale has placed a curse on the land, stripping it of color. Now everything is lifeless and seems sad and grey. Pixel is the only hope to restore the magic of colors.

During his journey, Pixel will meet many different characters who need his help. He must collect the magical drops of paint that are scattered throughout the land in order to gain the power needed to defeat Grayscale and restore the colors. On his way, he will encounter many dangers such as moving platforms, fire traps and unpredictable obstacles, but thanks to his ability to paint traces, Pixel is able to pass through them.

As you progress through the game, Pixel discovers new skills and abilities that help him overcome increasingly difficult levels. He can paint special paint marks that give him temporary protection from dangers, and he can use paints with different properties, such as fire retardant paint or 3D paint, to find hidden paths and treasures.

It's your job to help Pixel restore the magic of color to the land. Can you defeat Grayscale and bring joy and color back to this magical world? Have an unforgettable adventure in Paint Run and discover how far you can go on this colorful journey!

⏺️️Kizi and Mizi: We've played Paint Run 4248 times and we still don't have enough!
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