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Office Horror story

Office Horror Story is a dark game that will take you to an enchanted world of fear and terror. Playing the role of the hero, you will find yourself in an abandoned office building, where mysterious phenomena and paranormal events are on the agenda. It's your job to discover the truth hidden within these terrifying walls.

Playing as an ambitious employee who has taken a job in this abandoned office building, you will quickly realize that something is wrong. At the very beginning you will meet the ghost of a lost employee who will warn you about the danger that awaits you. But you must be careful, because no one can be trusted in this cursed place.

While exploring the office building, you will encounter various puzzles and traps that will test you. You must unravel the mystery that shrouds these dark corridors. All this will require you to be able to think logically and survive in extreme situations. Many employees have mysteriously disappeared, and now you are the next victim of this cursed place.

During the game, you will have to search for clues that will help you understand the history of this abandoned office building. You will discover documents, journals and notes that reveal the horrific truth about this place. However, you must be extremely careful, because danger awaits you at every step. Eerie ghosts and shadows will follow you and try to stop you.

The secrets you will discover in this dark game will surely stay in your memory for a long time. Office Horror Story is not only a dark storyline, but also addictive game mechanics that will allow you to experience fear firsthand. Can you survive in this cursed office building? Will you uncover the truth and free the souls of those trapped in this place? It all depends on you. Get ready for the most terrifying adventure of your life!

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