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Mystic India Pop

Mystic India Pop is an addictive puzzle game that will transport you to the magical world of India. You will take on the role of a mysterious bubble master tasked with saving an ancient temple full of mystical treasures. Your goal is to destroy all the colored balls before you reach the temple before it's too late.

During your journey through the various levels, you will need to be observant and dexterous. Your task is to match at least three balls of the same color to destroy them and score points. The more balls you destroy with one shot, the more points you earn and the faster you can save the temple.

You will encounter many challenges on your way, such as special orbs with magical powers that can help you destroy more orbs. However, you must be careful because some of these balls can be traps that can make your mission more difficult.

Your time is limited, so you must act quickly and decisively. The better you do in each level, the closer you'll be to saving the temple. Are you ready for this challenge? Can you beat all the levels and discover the secrets hidden in Mystic India Pop?

Get ready for a magical journey that will take you to the heart of India. Mysterious temples, colorful landscapes and extraordinary adventures await you. Mystic India Pop is a game that will let you feel the spirit of India and test your logic skills. Are you ready for this challenge? Get ready for an unforgettable journey and start playing now!

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