Kizi Mizi: Meow War

Meow War

The cat world is in chaos. It all started with one of the cats being wrongly accused of stealing treats. The case spread quickly and divided the world into two camps: supporters of the accused and her opponents. Shortly after, a war broke out that went down in history as the Meow War.

Choose your side - this is the first thing you see when you start the game. The player takes on the role of one of the cats and fights on the side of the selected faction. Each of them has its own goals and strategy, and winning depends not only on strength, but also on cunning.

Experience unforgettable adventures - this is the motto that accompanies every mission in the game. The player must show courage and cunning to gain valuable resources, destroy enemies and complete mission objectives. There are many dangers and traps waiting for him during the game, but also many opportunities to acquire new skills.

Discover the secrets of the world of cats - this is another element of the game that attracts players. Meow War is not only about fighting, but also discovering the secrets of the cat world. The player can collect clues and solve puzzles to discover secrets that are hidden in various places. Each discovery is a new challenge and reward.

Create your cat - this is an element of the game that allows you to fully impersonate the character. The player can choose the race, coat color and accessories such as glasses or a hat. You can also choose between different skills, such as speed or strength. By creating their cat, the player can feel like a real inhabitant of the world of Meow War.

Conquer and get rewards - this is the goal that pushes players to keep playing. Meow War is not only about fighting, but also about earning points and rewards. The better the result, the more valuable the prize. The player can gain new skills, accessories for the outfit or valuable resources. Winning is not only satisfaction, but also a reward.

Experience an epic adventure in the world of cats - this is a summary of the game that encourages you to continue playing. Meow War is a world full of adventure and danger, but also secrets and discoveries. The player has a chance to play the role of his cat and experience unforgettable adventures. Can he win the war and discover the secrets of the cat world? It depends only on him.

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