Kizi Mizi: Mellowdy


"Mellowdy" is a touching game where the delicate and fragile feeling of love dominates. The lovers were separated, but that could not make them forget about each other. The young man day and night dreamed of meeting and found a way to make a gift for his beloved. He wrote a song and sent it along with his heart to a lovely girl. It will be a long and thorny path. You have to help the little heart get to the beautiful girl and give her a gentle ballad. You have to control the flight and try to keep your heart from colliding with the objects it may encounter on the way. But that's not all. Along the way, you have to collect notes from friends in love. Try to avoid traps and collisions with objects so as not to lose the melody. Otherwise, they will be lost and you will have to collect everything again. It won't be easy, but the goal is worth it. Feel like a real Cupid who will be able to reconcile hearts in love and give the couple true happiness. There is no stronger feeling in the world than love!

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