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Maya Zuma

In the ancient jungle is hidden a secret treasure that is the object of desire for many adventurers. However, only the bravest can find it. This is where our story begins.

Maya Zuma is a game that takes players into the magical world of the Mayans, where they take on the role of a daring treasure hunter. Their task is to discover and retrieve the legendary Treasure of the Sun, which is hidden deep in the heart of the jungle.

Players travel through different locations, solving puzzles and completing missions to reach their destination. They must be quick and agile, as dangerous obstacles and traps set by treasure guards await them on their way.

Maya Zuma offers not only exciting gameplay, but also an engaging storyline. Players will unravel the mysteries of ancient signs and symbols that lead them to the next clue. Each solved puzzle brings them closer to discovering the treasure, but only the most persistent will be able to get it.

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If you're up for the challenge and want to get the treasure, join Maya Zuma now! Unforgettable adventures and many secrets to discover await you.

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