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Marko Sharko Vase

Meet the world's first shark as a detective. The hero, like a real predator, hunts criminals and no one is able to escape the hand of justice. An email was sent to the detective's office asking them to find a stolen vase from their hometown library. This is an unusual vase and former artifact displayed by the museum. Go to the crime scene and start the investigation. Before you leave the office, you will have to complete a few simple tasks, but already here you will come across the first puzzles and there will be a lot of them. At the bottom of the screen there is a special panel with cells where you can store all the items you find, and from there you have to use them in the right places on the screen. When you approach an object, carefully examine it and do whatever you need to do, then click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to close this window and return to the overview of the process. Memorize clues, find codes, useful items, evidence, and always be attentive and sociable. Note that interaction is possible not only with surrounding objects, but also with characters who can share valuable information.

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