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Magic Zoo

Magic Zoo - Discover the secrets of an amazing world! An unforgettable adventure awaits you in the Magic Zoo! Follow the paths full of secrets and discover the amazing creatures that inhabit this magical place. Are you ready for an amazing journey?

Meet the magical creatures

Magical Zoo is home to a variety of creatures - from rainbow unicorns to majestic dragons. Each of them has its own history and skills. Experience extraordinary moments by observing them in their natural habitat and learning about their fascinating characteristics.

Solve puzzles and tasks

During your journey through the Magic Zoo, you will encounter various puzzles and tasks that will require your logical thinking and perceptiveness. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and get rewards for your efforts.

Friendship with magical creatures

At the Magic Zoo, you can develop unique relationships with magical creatures. Be patient and gentle and they will open their hearts to you. Create memorable moments by feeding, entertaining and learning from them.

Survive the dangers

Not all creatures in the Magic Zoo are friendly. Sometimes you will have to face the dangers that lurk on your way. Use your skills to overcome adversity and protect magical creatures.

Discover the secrets of the Magic Zoo

Magical Zoo hides many secrets and hidden places. Explore every corner to discover forgotten legends and find treasures that will accompany you throughout the game. Are you ready to step into the Magic Zoo and sign up for an unforgettable journey? Get ready to meet the mysterious creatures, puzzles and emotions that await you!

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