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Mad Doctor

Mad Doctor is a fascinating game that will take you to the world of a mad doctor. You will play the role of a young, talented scientist who works under the wings of the mad doctor Frank. It's your job to help him conduct a series of dangerous experiments to create super-humans.

You will feel like in a laboratory, where every element is important and every mistake can end in a disaster. Throughout the game, you'll need to show cunning, intelligence, and planning skills to achieve your goal. You must remember that time is working against you and each task becomes more and more difficult and demanding.

Mad Doctor is a game for people who like challenges. It's a great way to spend your free time, but also to develop your logical thinking skills. You will have to react quickly to changing situations and make decisions that will be crucial to the outcome of your experiments.

There are many surprises and unexpected events waiting for you in the game. You will have to deal with various problems such as equipment failures, lack of raw materials or unpredictable behavior of human chests. Can you create super-humans? Play Mad Doctor and find out!

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