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Love Poly 3D

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Love Poly 3D
Love Poly 3D

Love Poly 3D - Game rules and controls

game description Love Poly 3D

Game Love Poly 3D is an unusual 3D puzzle game in which our task will be to recreate a picture from small 3D puzzles. We need to rotate three-dimensional pieces to create a real work of art. You will probably be surprised to see what was created from the small parts of the puzzle. Use your imagination and skills to complete all 95 levels. Challenge your mind and solve what the mosaic fragments hide! Love Poly is an original 3D puzzle that will interest both young players and the elderly. The game helps develop motor skills and spatial thinking, which is a huge plus. The word "Poly" in the game name means "polygon", which is the basic element of the puzzle.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

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