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Lost Island 2

In Lost Island 2, players are transported to a mysterious island where they must solve puzzles and uncover secrets to find their way home. Playing the role of a brave explorer, they explore various locations, collect valuable objects and solve challenging puzzles that stand on their way.

On their journey, players encounter unique creatures that inhabit the island. They must face the dangers and fight against their opponents, gaining experience and skills needed to survive.

To upgrade their skills and equipment, players can trade with natives on the island to exchange discovered items to better and more powerful tools. The more developed a character is, the more opportunities and new areas become available to explore.

In Lost Island 2, players are able to create their own items and weapons, giving them even more freedom to explore the island. They can also collaborate with other players, form teams and compete against each other in various challenges.

The goal of the game is to find the legendary treasure, which holds secrets and riches. Only the bravest and smartest players will be able to solve the puzzles, defeat the opponents and find the way to freedom. Will you be able to find your way around this mysterious island and become a true explorer?

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