Kizi Mizi: Line Game: Grapefruit Edition

Line Game: Grapefruit Edition

Line Game: Grapefruit Edition is an addictive puzzle game in which the player takes on the role of a small robot named Linus. Linus lives on the planet Grapefruit, where all fruits are in danger. Their delicious flesh is threatened by the evil queen Zitrusella, who intends to destroy all grapefruits. Linus must go through many challenging levels and overcome numerous obstacles to save his favorite fruits.

In Line Game: Grapefruit Edition, the player must help Linus get through a maze full of traps and puzzles. The player controls Linus by moving him along lines that can be rotated and moved. You must manipulate the lines to create a path for Linus, avoiding dangers and collecting bonuses and power-ups along the way.

Line Game: Grapefruit Edition offers many innovative features that make the game even more exciting. In each level, players will encounter unique obstacles such as vortexes, teleporters and blockades that will require strategic thinking and quick reactions. The game also offers many different skins for Linus that you can unlock and customize the robot's appearance.

Linus' adventure on the planet Grapefruit is full of excitement and challenges. The player must be smart and fast to beat each level and show Queen Zitrusella that grapefruits have the right to exist. Will you be able to help Linus save the fruits from destruction?

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