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Light it up Online

Welcome to the world of Light it up Online!

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in a universe full of light and energy. In this game, your task is to revive all the lost lights that have lost their glow. Many challenges await you, but also a lot of satisfaction and joy when you regain your luminous power.

Take on the role of a master of illumination!

As a master of illumination, you'll need to use your skills and reflexes to bring back the light. Make your way through the levels by solving a variety of puzzles and difficulties. Precision, speed and ingenuity will be required. Score as many points as possible and earn the title of a true master of illumination.

Discover diverse worlds and bring light to life!

Go through a variety of worlds full of colors and magic. From dark caves to bustling cities, each location holds challenges and secrets. Learn the unique mechanics of bringing lights to life and discover your favorite ways to solve puzzles.

Compete with other players and win prizes!

Are you ready to compete? In Light it up Online, you can challenge other players and prove your skills. Get ready for exciting tournaments and challenges where only the best players win prestigious prizes. Can you stand on the podium?

Join us now and light up the world with Light it up Online!

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