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Kung Fu Zuma

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Kung Fu Zuma
Kung Fu Zuma

Kung Fu Zuma - Game rules and controls

game description Kung Fu Zuma

The little panda has become famous throughout the Chinese empire as a skillful master in the game of Balls. Zuma is one of the most favorite games of the great emperor. In the game you have to shoot balls in the selected color to the balls of the same color. When three or more balls combine, they burst. But the problem is that you have to shoot the moving balls, and it's not as easy as it seems. And the most important thing is that the balls snake can't reach the end of the maze because you will lose. In the game "Kung - Fu Zuma" Little Panda will travel around the empire, showing his abilities and skills. Help the toddler go through all the tasks and confirm his Zuma ball champion title.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

Average ratings Kung Fu Zuma is 50/100. The game was given 4 votes. The game has now 2435 page views. The game was proposed on: 9 December 2018. Search for games with positive emotions