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Knight Princess Great Escape 2 ❄️ Escape Games 🕹️ Play for free

Knight Princess Great Escape 2New adventures are full of events, now there may be strong monsters on the way that cannot be defeated by the appearance of a wonderful princess alone. The game starts in a strange magical temple full of traps and deceptive tunnels. We must find the only sure way and escape from prison. The prince has strong armor in his hands sword. His role immediately becomes obvious, he can break down barriers, overcome walls. The princess is able to seduce all living creatures that follow the girl like zombies. This cute couple can handle any problem. A dangerous foe can be trapped when blinded by beauty. Barriers in the form of a wall are easy to overcome, and complex mechanisms must be overcome together. The game is designed for two players, so invite a friend to the computer and start exploring the mysterious mazes.

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