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Kitchen Mahjong Classic

Welcome to the kitchen!

In "Kitchen Mahjong Classic", you take on the role of a talented chef who has to solve various tasks using the magic of Mahjong. Your mission is to prepare delicious dishes that will satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

Move to the magical kitchen

In this game full of magic and challenges, you'll find yourself in a magical kitchen where anything is possible. Colorful mahjong tiles of various shapes, patterns and flavors are waiting to be discovered. You must combine matching tiles to create magical ingredients and prepare amazing dishes.

Have a great adventure

While playing "Kitchen Mahjong Classic" you will travel through different regions of the culinary world. From exotic Asian flavors to traditional Italian delicacies, you will discover many secrets and amazing flavors. Each level is a new challenge that you must overcome to be rewarded with a vault full of cooking secrets.

Show your skills

As a chef, you must be observant, logical and quick to react. The faster and more accurately you connect the tiles, the more points you earn. Get the highest score possible and prove that you are a true master of Culinary Mahjong.

Become a legend in the kitchen

"Kitchen Mahjong Classic" is a game for real culinary enthusiasts. Surprising combinations, mysterious ingredients and addictive gameplay will make you feel like a real master chef. Get ready for a culinary challenge and create your own legend in the world of "Kitchen Mahjong Classic".

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