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King of Pyramid Thieves

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King of Pyramid Thieves
King of Pyramid Thieves

King of Pyramid Thieves - Game rules and controls

game description King of Pyramid ThievesIn ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were buried posthumously in the pyramids. Along with them, gems and various treasures were hidden in special secret places. Today in King of Pyramid Thieves, you as the famous king of thieves will penetrate one of the pyramids to get hidden treasures. Your hero will follow narrow corridors and dark chambers in which sinister mummies can lurk. But these rooms may contain treasure chests. The road to them is blocked by various traps. Your hero will have to be very agile and perceptive to get valuable loot. Try to clear all chambers of priceless gold boxes and prove your rank, the greatest king of the pyramid thieves!

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

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