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King Bird Tower Defense

King Bird Tower Defense - protect the kingdom from invasion

Peace and harmony reigned in the bird kingdom until one day an invasion of evil enemies appeared. The ruler of the kingdom, King Bird, decided to oppose the invaders and established an elite defense unit - the Royal Flying Guards.

Keep towers and destroy enemies

Your task is to control the Flyers Guard and protect the kingdom's towers from enemy attacks. Place watchtowers in strategic places to stop the invaders. Each tower has unique abilities that can deal significant damage to enemies.

Successful strategies and skill development

To be successful in combat, you must develop an effective defensive strategy. Upgrade your towers to increase their strength and attack range. Also invest in the development of the Air Guard skills to gain additional bonuses and combat abilities.

Epic battles and challenges

During your mission, you will face a variety of enemies, from weak soldiers to powerful bosses. Experience epic battles and defeat all your enemies to regain peace in the bird kingdom.

Multi-level maps and rewards

The game offers many different locations where battles will take place. Each map has several levels of difficulty, so you can adapt the challenge to your skills. For defeating enemies, receive rewards that will help you in the further fight.

Simple storyline, addictive gameplay

King Bird Tower Defense is a game that combines a simple storyline with addictive tower defense mechanics. Become the hero of the bird kingdom and save it from the invasion of enemies. Are you ready for the challenge?

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