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Kiba & Kumba Jungle Chaos

Welcome to the jungle!

Kiba and Kumba, two brave monkeys, decide to go on a dangerous journey through the wild jungle. Their goal is to find a hidden treasure that has the power to save their beloved world.

Danger lurks at every turn.

Kiba and Kumba face many challenges to reach their destination. They meet wild animals that are not as friendly as they might seem. They have to jump on hanging lianas, avoid falling stones and overcome climbing routes among trees. Can they survive in this wilderness?

Help is at hand.

During their adventure, Kiba and Kumba meet friendly characters who want to help them find a treasure. However, they have to solve various puzzles and show skill in order to gain their trust. Will players be able to help the monkeys and discover the secrets of the jungle?

Find the treasure and save the world!

As Kiba and Kumba get closer to their destination, their adventure becomes more and more exciting. Will they be able to overcome the last obstacles and reach the treasure? Only then will they have a chance to save their beloved world.

Get ready for a jungle adventure!

Kiba & Kumba Jungle Chaos is an addictive game that allows players to take on the role of brave monkeys and traverse a dangerous jungle. Amazing graphics, dynamic gameplay and a fascinating story will make you unable to tear yourself away from the screen. Are you ready to face the jungle chaos and discover the treasure?

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