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Kizi Mizi: Jolly Jong Blitz 2

Jolly Jong Blitz 2

Jolly Jong Blitz 2

Jolly Jong Blitz 2 is an addictive puzzle game that will take you to the world of mystical puzzles. You will take on the role of a brave treasure hunter who embarks on a journey through mysterious temples in search of hidden treasures.

It's your job to solve puzzles by putting the tiles in the right order to earn points and unlock levels. You have to be quick because time is limited and each gold coin you earn brings you extra seconds on the clock.

However, it's not that simple - the temples are full of traps and obstacles that will challenge your mind. You must be alert and skillful to avoid danger and succeed.

You'll also encounter mysterious puzzle masters along the way who will test your skills. Defeating them will require not only logical thinking, but also strategy and speed. Are you ready for this challenge?

Jolly Jong Blitz 2 offers addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and relaxing music that will immerse you in a magical world of puzzles. Can you get all the treasures and become a puzzle master? See for yourself and start your adventure now!

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