Kizi Mizi: Jewel Legend

Jewel Legend

Jewel Legend is an exciting game that will transport you to a magical world full of treasures and secrets. You will play the role of a young treasure hunter who embarks on a dangerous journey in search of legendary jewels.

The main objective of the game is to find the great Gem of Legend, which according to legend has extraordinary powers. This gem is hidden in the depths of a mysterious labyrinth, full of traps and puzzles. You must progress through a series of challenging levels, solving logical puzzles and collecting magical gems to unlock the entrance to the maze.

During your journey you will meet various characters who will help or stand in your way. The Priestess of the Ancients, who knows the secrets of the labyrinth, will guide you while the Pyramid Guardian will try to stop you at all costs. You must be skillful and observant to overcome all odds and achieve your goal.

The game offers many different levels, with different gem placement schemes. You have to plan your moves carefully to make lines of three or more jewels of the same color and score points. The more points you earn, the closer you will be to finding the Gem of Legend.

As you play, you'll also earn various bonuses to help you beat the challenging levels. You can get a magic wand that will allow you to remove a whole row of gems, or special bombs that will destroy all the gems around. Use them wisely to optimize your movements as much as possible.

Can you find the great Gem of Legend? Will you overcome all obstacles and solve all the puzzles? Become a hero and prove yourself worthy of the title of Gem Legend!

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