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Jelly Crush

In a world full of colorful gummies, there was harmony and peace. Each type of jelly lived in harmony and together created a magical place, which was the land of jellies. However, one day, the evil Candy Witch appeared in the Land and cast a spell on all the gummies, turning them into pieces of shapeless jelly.

In the game "Jelly Crush", you play the role of a hero who must restore the former glory of the Land of Jellybeans and defeat the Candy Witch.Your task is to match and combine jelly beans of the same color to free them from black imprisonment. The more gummies you combine in one move, the bigger combos you can make and the more points you get. But beware, time is an adversary as the Candy Witch is gradually poisoning the Land of Jellybeans, increasing the pressure on you.

During your adventure, you will also meet friendly characters such as the Master Blender, who will teach you special skills such as jellybean explosions and freeze time. These skills will be necessary to oppose the Candy Witch and defeat her evil magic.

In "Jelly Crush" there are many addictive levels, great graphics and magical atmosphere of the Land of Gums waiting for you.Use your logical thinking and reflex skills to overcome each puzzle and free jellies from the black jelly pieces. Will you be able to restore the Land of Jellybeans to its former glory and defeat the Candy Witch? Get ready for a sweet and addictive adventure in "Jelly Crush"!

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