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Human Centipede

Human Centipede is a brutal role-playing game that will take you to the dark world of survival and brutal fight for survival. Take on the role of one of the unfortunate prisoners who were kidnapped and subjected to a cruel experiment. Your goal is to survive in cruel conditions and find a way to escape from this nightmare.

During the game, players will have to make difficult decisions that will affect the course of the story. Will you decide to cooperate with other prisoners, or will you choose individualism and egoism? Each decision may have serious consequences for you and other game participants.

During the game, players will have to deal with various challenges, such as pain, hunger, thirst or the need to fight for survival in brutal conditions. However, the biggest challenge will be the need to build a Human Centipede - a chain of human beings whose bodies will be connected in a cruel way. Will you decide to cooperate with other players or fight for survival alone?

One of the main elements of the game is the choice and consequence system, which allows players to shape the story according to their decisions. Each choice can influence the fate of the characters and the ending of the game. Can you find a way to escape this nightmare, or will you survive only to become part of a cruel experiment?

Human Centipede is a game for the brave who are looking for an addictive and dark gameplay where decisions have real consequences. Will you dare to face the cruel challenge and try to survive in unimaginable conditions? Find out what lies behind this brutal role-playing game and see if you can survive the nightmare called Human Centipede.

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