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Hello Kitty At The Doctor

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Hello Kitty At The Doctor
Hello Kitty At The Doctor

Hello Kitty At The Doctor - Game rules and controls

game description Hello Kitty At The DoctorHello Kitty, like all other cats, loves to play and run with friends outside. But we have to ensure safety while playing, because it is easy to get hurt. Unfortunately, today this misfortune happened to our heroine. She accidentally fell and injured herself a little, and when her mother found out about it, she took Kitty to the doctor for a visit. And you, by taking advantage of this circumstance, will be able to help the doctor cope with Kitty's treatment. Special medical instruments will be prepared on the table, which will be needed to perform a small procedure. You will need to follow the instructions that will show you how to carry out the treatment. Play a real doctor and turn off our little brave patient.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

Average ratings Hello Kitty At The Doctor is 100/100. The game was given 2 votes. The game has now 1896 page views. The game was proposed on: 20 December 2018. Search for games with positive emotions