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Happy Pony

Happy Pony: Adventure in Pony Land

Welcome to the magical Land of Ponies! Take on the role of the happiest pony in the world and start your unforgettable adventure. Are you ready to discover the mysteries of this wonderful land?

Know your pony

At the beginning of the game, you can create your dream pony. Choose its color, mane, tail and other accessories. Remember, the more unique your pony is, the more likely you are to become the most popular pony in Ponyland!

Explore Pony Land

Enter an extraordinary journey through various locations in Pony Land. From magical forests to rainbow glades, every place holds secrets and adventures. Discover hidden treasures, get magical items and meet new friends like Pony Princess and Painter Pony.

Play with friends

Happy Pony is also a social game. Invite your friends to Pony Land and have fun together! Organize picnics, paint and dance together in the rainbow club. The more friends, the more fun!

Upgrade your pony

Get special points and unlock new accessories for your pony. Give him beautiful wings, crowns and even magical powers! The more unique your pony is, the better your chances of winning beauty and popularity contests.

Get the title of Happiest Pony

Your goal is to become the Happiest Pony in Ponyland. Compete with other ponies and prove that your pony is the cutest, the most talented and of course the happiest! Rewards, fame and many amazing adventures await you.

Join Happy Pony now and immerse yourself in the magical world of Ponies!

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