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Gumball: Remote Fu

In a world full of amazing adventures, a little blue tom named Gumball discovers that he has extraordinary abilities. His melee abilities are so powerful that they are called Remote Fu.

Gumball receives a mysterious remote control that allows him to control various objects with his mind. He begins to train his skills and discovers that he can remotely control everything from common everyday items to powerful machines.

But when the mischievous Doctor Evil plans to take over the world, Gumball must use his Remote Fu to stop him. He embarks on a dangerous journey through various locations, including mysterious caves, futuristic cities and dangerous jungles.

During his quest, Gumball meets various characters who help him in his fight against evil. Together, they form an extraordinary team that must defeat Dr. Evil and his army of robots.

Will Gumball and his friends be able to save the world? Will their Remote Fu skills be powerful enough? Join this amazing adventure and discover your own Remote Fu skills in Gumball: Remote Fu!

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