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Go Robots 2

Welcome to an amazing world full of adventures and logical puzzles! In Go Robots 2, your task is to help two cute robots, Robby and Ruby, find their way home. However, in order to achieve this goal, they will have to overcome many difficulties and use their skills!

Get ready for exciting challenges! Each robot has its own unique abilities. Robby can move lines and move objects, while Ruby can jump high and use teleporters. You must use their abilities cleverly to overcome obstacles and reach your goal.

Experience amazing adventures in different environments! A variety of locations await you, such as mysterious jungles, ice lands or even cosmic spaces. Each place has its own challenges and puzzles to solve. Be ready for new mysteries and surprising discoveries!

Beat all the levels and get the highest scores! The game offers many levels with increasing difficulty. From simple puzzles to intricate puzzles, each level will challenge you to apply your logical thinking and planning skills. Will you be able to overcome all the challenges and become the champion?

Join millions of players and become a robot master! Go Robots 2 is a game that will keep you hooked for hours. Enjoy beautiful graphics, an engaging storyline, and great music that adds excitement to every adventure. Discover the world of robots and show that you are the best at solving puzzles!

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