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Ghost Wiper

Ghost Wiper is an intense and thrilling paranormal style game that will plunge you into an unusual and mysterious world full of ghosts and supernatural forces. As a ghost expert, it's your job to discover and eliminate all the hidden ghosts that haunt different places.

In Ghost Wiper, each level is a new challenge. Use your unique skills and specialist gear to detect ghosts, then apply your strategies to get rid of these ghostly creatures once and for all. Are you brave enough to face an invisible enemy?

With each new level, Ghost Wiper becomes more challenging and the puzzles more complex. Can you rise to the challenge and become the best ghost remover in the world? Experience an amazing game full of excitement, suspense and surprises that will surely give you hours of great fun!

Ghost Wiper isn't just a game, it's a real experience. With amazing graphics, an immersive storyline, and original game mechanics, Ghost Wiper guarantees hours of amazing entertainment. Are you ready for the biggest challenge of your life? Are you ready to become a Ghost Wiper?

Play Ghost Wiper now and join the community of players from around the world who have already discovered this amazing world full of ghosts and mysteries. Stay up to date with the latest updates, additions and challenges waiting for you in Ghost Wiper.

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