Kizi Mizi: Geometry Loop Jump

Geometry Loop Jump

Geometry Loop Jump is a dynamic game that will draw you into a whirl of excitement and challenge. In this game, you play as a character who has to overcome a series of complex levels by jumping on geometric shapes.

Game mechanics

Each level consists of different shapes, such as triangles, squares and circles, arranged in a loop. Your task is to jump from one shape to another, avoiding obstacles and collecting points. To jump, you need to tap the screen at the right moment to gain the right power and precision of the jump.

The longer you stay on the loop, the more points you earn, but beware - the further you go in the game, the bigger the challenges await you! Obstacles such as moving platforms, whirlpools and chasms will make your task harder, but don't give up! Only the most skillful and precise players will be able to complete all the levels.

Challenges and achievements

Geometry Loop Jump offers many challenges and achievements that you can earn while playing. Can you score the maximum number of points in each level? Can you beat all the levels without fail? The game rewards players for their skill and determination by offering various rewards and unlocking new levels when you reach certain goals.


Geometry Loop Jump is an addictive game that provides both thrills and challenges. Are you ready to show off your geometric shape jumping skills and score as many points as possible? It's time to start your adventure and see if you're a Geometry Loop Jump master!

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