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Zuma games🟢Welcome to the fantastic world of Zuma! This part of games contains the latest, most interesting and exciting games. Zuma is a classic game whose goal is to practice memory, observation, perceptiveness and good ball fun. From the very first levels this game is exciting and does not let players go away for a long time. The main goal of the game is that you must destroy all the colored balls that are moving along the maze or the designated path. In the center of the playing field is a stone frog or other magical creature. However, the frog became the main symbol of Zuma games.

It can shoot the same balls as the balls that follow in the maze. To destroy the balls, you must shoot them and combine them into groups of three or more. But most importantly - they must be of the same color. Then the balls burst and disappear, which significantly increases the chances of winning. At the end of the maze is a skull-like mask that swallows the balls that end their lives in its huge mouth, though it's not always a mask.

The main task of the game is to stop all balls from reaching the mask, mink, cave or other trap ending the maze. In our Zuma games section you will find various variants and versions of the classic and still popular game.

What are the best Zuma games?

  1. Jungle Legend
  2. Vooz
  3. Frogtastic
  4. Marble Duel
  5. Lost Island
  6. Zuma Ball
  7. Zuma Boom
  8. Crystal Ball Zuma
  9. Maya Zuma