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Wheely 1Wheely 1Wheely 2Wheely 2Wheely 4: Time TravelWheely 4: Time TravelWheely 7: DetectiveWheely 7: DetectiveWheely 3Wheely 3Wheely 8: AliensWheely 8: AliensWheely 6: Fairy TaleWheely 6: Fairy TaleWheely 5: ArmageddonWheely 5: Armageddon
Wheely games The world of games awaits!
Welcome to a small but very beautiful and picturesque town in which a very funny and intelligent car called Weely lives. Our friend has a very nice character and personality, however, he often gets in trouble. Because of his distraction, he often visits a car workshop to repair damaged parts. Sometimes it is enough to change the wheel, but there are major repairs. Unbelievable adventures happen to this red car, such as a close encounter with aliens or a burning meteor. But our hero has a sharp mind and responds quickly to all problems. Very soon he is ready for further adventures and long journeys. There will also be a love thread in which Weely will have to save his beloved. If you like adventures with a thrill and solve puzzles, the Weely games are perfect for you. Meet the unique car and enjoy the game!

What are the best Wheely games?

  1. Wheely 1
  2. Wheely 2
  3. Wheely 4: Time Travel
  4. Wheely 7: Detective
  5. Wheely 3
  6. Wheely 8: Aliens
  7. Wheely 6: Fairy Tale
  8. Wheely 5: Armageddon