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🔵War games

War games🟢War games show the most horrible moments in Earth's history in completely different aspects, offering players many interpretations and points of view. Depending on the specific game, players can become both tankers, controlling their steel monsters, and unit commanders, sending them to battle.

Players can participate in battles in person, fight enemies face to face, or remain as a sniper who never approaches the front lines. Some of these games cover periods of great historical wars, showing their true face. Most tell the true story, although some present alternative events that may have happened.

In war games, the player will have to develop their own tactics of battle, gather and train many soldiers of different factions to win the battle and defend their own territory. It is also necessary to build fortifications and develop cities. When the time is right, you can attack the enemy and conquer some of his terrain.

What are the best War games?

  1. Kingdom Rush
  2. Bullet Force Multiplayer
  3. Tank 1990
  4. Tank Trouble
  5. Forge of Empires
  6. Tank Wars
  7. Battle of Tanks
  8. Raft Wars
  9. Call of War