Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor's ReignSwords and Sandals 2: Emperor's ReignBattle for the GalaxyBattle for the GalaxyCursed Treasure 2Cursed Treasure 2Plants vs Zombies 2Plants vs Zombies 2Bloons Tower Defense 4Bloons Tower Defense 4Dynamons WorldDynamons WorldSpecial Squad Vs ZombiesSpecial Squad Vs ZombiesRoyal StoryRoyal StoryKingdom Tower DefenseKingdom Tower DefenseDynamons 2Dynamons 2Battle TowersBattle TowersTower Defense Super HeroesTower Defense Super HeroesBattle of TanksBattle of TanksClash of TanksClash of TanksCall of WarCall of WarDynamonsDynamonsBomb The BridgeBomb The BridgeCursed TreasureCursed TreasureMafia BattleMafia BattleDesert WormsDesert WormsThe Lost Planet Tower DefenseThe Lost Planet Tower DefenseKing Bird Tower DefenseKing Bird Tower DefenseThrone DefenderThrone DefenderElf DefenceElf DefenceCows vs VikingsCows vs VikingsSquad DefenseSquad DefensePlants vs ZombiesPlants vs ZombiesClash of VikingsClash of VikingsSlime Rush TD 2Slime Rush TD 2Clash of ArmourClash of ArmourBattleship War MultiplayerBattleship War MultiplayerEpic War 4Epic War 4The WizardThe WizardClash of Warlord OrcsClash of Warlord OrcsEpic War 3Epic War 3Chaotic GardenChaotic GardenWarfare 1917Warfare 1917Monster Tower DefenseMonster Tower DefenseAge of PixelAge of PixelPirate CardsPirate CardsDEEP MiningDEEP MiningPix CityPix CityCursed Treasure 3Cursed Treasure 3Epic warEpic warCivilizations Wars Master EditionCivilizations Wars Master EditionArmy Block SquadArmy Block SquadBackgammon MultiplayerBackgammon MultiplayerTiny RiflesTiny RiflesBattleships PiratesBattleships PiratesWarfare 1944Warfare 1944Empire: World War IIIEmpire: World War IIIHexa Fever SummerHexa Fever SummerReversi MultiplayerReversi MultiplayerTower Defense Fish AttackTower Defense Fish AttackLordz2.ioLordz2.ioGoodgame EmpireGoodgame EmpireDomino MultiplayerDomino MultiplayerKingdom Defence: MercenaryKingdom Defence: MercenaryDraw AttackDraw AttackArmour ClashArmour ClashSafe HavenSafe HavenMasked ForcesMasked ForcesTank Battle : War CommanderTank Battle : War CommanderZombie Mission 8Zombie Mission 8Tiny BattleTiny BattleGold RushGold RushCall of TanksCall of TanksDemon Raid 2Demon Raid 2Bubble BobbleBubble BobbleVera towers 2Vera towers 2Fire Clans ClashFire Clans ClashPaper WarPaper WarKogama: West TownKogama: West TownKingdom Defense Chaos TimeKingdom Defense Chaos TimeIdle Craft 3DIdle Craft 3DTank FightTank FightDraw DefenceDraw DefenceMech Battle SimulatorMech Battle SimulatorKingdom Guards - Tower DefenseKingdom Guards - Tower DefenseGalactic Missile DefenseGalactic Missile DefenseGuardians vs ZombiesGuardians vs ZombiesMerge DefenseMerge DefenseFruit Legions: Monsters SiegeFruit Legions: Monsters SiegePirate DefensePirate DefenseClash of SkullsClash of SkullsClash of GoblinsClash of GoblinsKing of DefenseKing of DefenseFlower Defense - Zombie SiegeFlower Defense - Zombie SiegeWorlds BuilderWorlds BuilderMoba SimulatorMoba SimulatorTakeoverTakeoverSuper Fighting Robots DefenseSuper Fighting Robots DefenseThe Tower DefenseThe Tower DefenseRoyal GuardRoyal GuardBattle of AliensBattle of AliensPlants vs UndeadPlants vs UndeadReversi ManiaReversi ManiaKnife Vs Sword.ioKnife Vs Sword.ioTiny ClashTiny ClashThe Lost Planet TD V2.0The Lost Planet TD V2.0
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Strategy games

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In war strategy games, children have the opportunity to create their own empire and conquer new territories. You can find a game where you will lead your own civilization from the beginning of the century to the era of modern development. In another game, you can become the ruler of a modern state, whose goal is to conquer the entire continent. You have the unique opportunity to participate in battles of the ancient Romans; or feel like a brave knight, skillfully reflecting attacks on his own castle. But all this, they say, is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, we present numerous simulators of amusement parks, hotels or well-known resorts. Strategy games allow children to develop their logic and leadership skills. How can you avoid the popular virtual farm trend? In this category you will find everything related to PC strategies - games in which it is important to be able to calculate the development of events a few moves forward, and you can beat the opponents with a bad reaction (although this is important in some sub-genres), but use your strengths and weaknesses to plan your actions and skills. Strategy games require quick solutions and even faster responses, but they usually need to be controlled with dozens of units.

What are the best Strategy games?

  1. Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor's Reign
  2. Battle for the Galaxy
  3. Cursed Treasure 2
  4. Plants vs Zombies 2
  5. Bloons Tower Defense 4
  6. Dynamons World
  7. Special Squad Vs Zombies
  8. Royal Story
  9. Kingdom Tower Defense