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Stickman online browser games put the player in control of a stick-like character. The life of this person is difficult due to the presence of many puzzles, the fight against opponents made of sticks, and the difficult economic climate. Stickman Fighter puts players in the role of a man who fights enemies in two-dimensional computer arcade games. As a bonus, players can use weapons such as karate or boxing to help them fight wave after wave of enemies. There are three Stickman Fighter games in the series, each taking place on a different board. Additionally, each title adds new rules to the board and minor gameplay tweaks. Similarly, there are three Archer titles in the series; these change the rules of archery in the first game. Moreover, if you like one title in the series, you can find its sequel that works on the same principles. Browser games with Stickman in the lead role always provide entertainment for a long time. These games have very simple rules that are easy to understand using the mouse, arrow keys or touch screen controls. They are also characterized by fast, dynamic gameplay and clear visual guidelines.

What are the best Stickman games?

  1. Stickman Hook
  2. Stick Merge
  3. Stickman Run
  4. Stickman Army : Team Battle
  5. Stickman War
  6. Stickman vs Zombies
  7. Stickman Punch
  8. Stickman Warriors
  9. Free Rider Jumps