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Mahjong games

Mahjong gamesImmerse yourself in the world of Mahjong Game and discover the secrets of ancient Chinese art!

Get ready for an amazing adventure in a series of mahjong games that will take you to the magical world of ancient China. Discover the secrets of Chinese art and solve puzzles by arranging tiles in distinctive patterns.

A unique combination of logical gameplay and fascinating Chinese culture

These mahjong games are not just simple solitaire games. Each of them offers a unique combination of logical gameplay where you have to match identical tiles and fascinating elements of Chinese culture. Experience an exciting journey through ancient cities, temples and gardens, admire the beautiful landscapes and learn about the legends and mythologies associated with this region.

Hundreds of levels to beat

Enjoy endless entertainment with hundreds of levels available in each of the mahjong games. Each level presents you with new challenges and puzzles to solve. You need perceptiveness, memory and the ability to think logically to clear the board of tiles in a certain amount of time or number of moves.

Variety of game modes

There are a variety of game modes to choose from in this series of mahjong games. You can enjoy the classic gameplay where you have to remove tiles in a solitaire style, or try more advanced modes such as searching for identical patterns on the board or solving logical puzzles.

Pleasant and relaxing graphics and sounds

While playing these mahjong games you will feel like you are really in China. Pleasant and relaxing graphics will take you to a magical world, and harmonious sounds will make you forget about everyday stress and fully relax.

Join millions of players worldwide

Join a huge community of players who love mahjong games. Compete with other players, earn points and reach the highest positions in the ranking. Share your achievements with friends and challenge them to play together.

Get ready for an exciting mahjong adventure!

Get ready for a fascinating journey to ancient China and discover the secrets of mahjong. Enjoy logical gameplay, beautiful graphics and sounds, and the richness of Chinese culture. Enter the world of mahjong games and join the millions of players who already love this game series!