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Mahjong is an old Chinese game that has gained immense popularity in Asian countries, and in the future has spread widely throughout the world. The game is played by special dice, which are very similar to dominoes. The rules are similar to poker, which requires concentration and memory from the player. As in any card game, there is a random factor. The main goal is to get as many points as possible by collecting a valuable combination of the available number of dice. Separately, we can distinguish the category of online solitaire games, in which the player must not only find pairs, but also understand whether it is possible to pave the way between them according to certain rules. These are the popular "Butterflies", "Fruits", "Animals" mahjongs, and many others. Tasks solved in mahjong help to develop and improve the skills that are so necessary for each of us. Mahjong is a type of solitaire, and all the games on the site belong to this particular category of puzzles. Their advantage is that they do not require installation on a computer or mobile device, but run directly on the website. You can find both the simplest games that will be attractive and useful even for a child, as well as the most complex varieties of free online mahjong that can draw a player for a long time. So choose your favorite option from the above on the page and spend time with benefit. We hope that the Mahjongs will help you tune in and solve your daily tasks faster.

What are the best Mahjong games?

  1. Best Classic Mahjong Connect
  2. Mahjong Classic
  3. Mahjong Dark Dimensions
  4. Kitchen Mahjong Classic
  5. Mahjong Connect Classic
  6. Fruit Mahjong
  7. Mahjong Dynasty
  8. Black and White Dimensions
  9. Onet Connect Christmas