Freddy Fazbear games

Freddy Fazbear gamesEach of us is afraid of something. But over time, children's fears begin to blur and gradually forget. But sometimes childhood nightmares come back and attack in reality. This is what you can feel in section 5 Nights With Freddie. You will discover the amazing place "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria". Here you can always enjoy a tasty meal with both children and friends. Children love this place because of the giant robotic dolls that adults call animatronics. They sing and entertain children with various games and attractions. But the children especially loved the huge bear named Freddie and were still playing around him. That is why Pizzeria at Freddy Fazbear is a great place for family fun. Everything starts to change when the night comes ...

With the onset of dusk, the animatronics begin to revive and wander around the restaurant. You'll spend five sleepless and scary nights alone with Freddie and his friends. The only chance to survive will be to watch the surveillance cameras to close the door at the right time for them, so that no anronics can reach you. The main thing is to endure from midnight to six in the morning. Then you will be safe. These are hard days of the night watchman.

But are you ready to overcome endless fear and growing paranoia? Will you survive these 5 nights? Freddie will be waiting for you.