Baby Hazel Newborn BabyBaby Hazel Newborn BabyBaby Hazel Mothers DayBaby Hazel Mothers DayBaby Hazel Hand FractureBaby Hazel Hand FractureBaby Hazel Stomach CareBaby Hazel Stomach CareBaby Hazel PlaydateBaby Hazel PlaydateBaby Hazel Gingerbread HouseBaby Hazel Gingerbread HouseBaby Hazel Bathroom HygieneBaby Hazel Bathroom HygieneBaby Hazel Skin CareBaby Hazel Skin CareBaby Hazel Royal BathBaby Hazel Royal BathBaby Hazel School HygieneBaby Hazel School HygieneBaby Hazel Doctor PlayBaby Hazel Doctor PlayBaby Hazel Winter FunBaby Hazel Winter FunBaby Hazel Brushing TimeBaby Hazel Brushing TimeBaby Hazel at BeachBaby Hazel at BeachBaby Hazel Halloween PartyBaby Hazel Halloween PartyBaby Hazel Birthday PartyBaby Hazel Birthday PartyBaby Hazel Flower GirlBaby Hazel Flower GirlBaby Hazel Fancy DressBaby Hazel Fancy DressBaby Hazel Dental CareBaby Hazel Dental CareBaby Hazel Kitchen FunBaby Hazel Kitchen FunBaby Hazel Christmas TimeBaby Hazel Christmas TimeBaby Hazel Naughty CatBaby Hazel Naughty CatBaby Hazel In KitchenBaby Hazel In KitchenBaby Hazel Spa BathBaby Hazel Spa BathBaby Hazel Goes SickBaby Hazel Goes SickBaby Hazel Preschool PicnicBaby Hazel Preschool PicnicBaby Hazel Swimming TimeBaby Hazel Swimming TimeBaby Hazel Pet CareBaby Hazel Pet CareBaby Hazel Beach PartyBaby Hazel Beach PartyBaby Hazel Farm TourBaby Hazel Farm TourBaby Hazel African SafariBaby Hazel African SafariBaby Hazel Backyard PartyBaby Hazel Backyard PartyBaby Hazel Kite FlyingBaby Hazel Kite FlyingBaby Hazel Fishing TimeBaby Hazel Fishing TimeBaby Hazel Easter FunBaby Hazel Easter FunBaby Hazel Crafts TimeBaby Hazel Crafts TimeBaby Hazel Gardening TimeBaby Hazel Gardening TimeBaby Hazel Learns ShapesBaby Hazel Learns ShapesBaby Hazel FuntimeBaby Hazel FuntimeBaby Hazel GoldfishBaby Hazel GoldfishBaby Hazel DaycareBaby Hazel DaycareBaby Hazel Dining MannersBaby Hazel Dining MannersBaby Hazel Fun TimeBaby Hazel Fun TimeBaby Hazel Adventure BookBaby Hazel Adventure BookBaby Hazel Garden PartyBaby Hazel Garden PartyBaby Hazel New Year PartyBaby Hazel New Year PartyBaby Hazel Hair CareBaby Hazel Hair CareBaby Hazel Mischief TimeBaby Hazel Mischief Time

Baby Hazel games

Baby Hazel gamesBaby Hazel is a brave little girl who often helps her mother with homework. Our heroine is a charming and spontaneous girl who learns about this world and constantly faces pressing problems. He always has a lot to do, helps cook, cooks food, watches over his younger brother, plays doctor or cleans up the garden. By playing with Baby Hazel in our games, you will become more feminine, in the face of real life situations, you will gain life experience.\r\n\r\nEvery girl at least once in her life, wanted to be like her own mother, who is caring, cares for her children and you can always count on her in difficult situations. Baby Hazel games will provide you with this opportunity and allow you to fully experience the most touching and exciting moments of future motherhood.\r\n\r\nYou will meet and take care of animals: a cat, a rabbit, a dog, a parrot, a bear and a little brother, everyone requires care and warmth of your good heart. Sometimes you will cook or clean the room, so you need to be alert and careful. Baby Hazel children\'s games are designed for the youngest girls, so they are all filled with the spirit of love, joy and happiness.\r\n\r\nBaby Hazel mini games will provide a lot of practical information on caring for young children and will tell you about the difficulties and problems that growing mothers are constantly struggling with. After all, staying at home with a small child is hard work and huge responsibility. We are sure that you will successfully handle the tasks.\r\n\r\nDon\'t forget to take a break by playing our free games, remember that we all need a rest. But you can always come back and finish the game with a charming girl in the lead role!