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Games Angry Birds

Games Angry Birds

Games Angry BirdsAngry Birds games will lead you into a world of endless fights, evil birds against their sworn enemies - evil pigs. These green piglets do not let the birds rest, they constantly steal their eggs and try to do dirty licks.
In Angry Birds games, you'll help feathered flightless birds attack the hideouts of the insidious pigs. The main goal is to exterminate all pigs in the radius of destruction.

At the beginning of the level, the pigs are in special shelters made of various materials, such as wood, ice or stone. Aim well and shoot the birds out of the slingshot to make them fly straight to their destination.

Angry Birds games have not only gained the love of players, they have vivid graphics and simple, but phenomenally addictive gameplay. In addition, this game develops abstract thinking, reaction, viewer and basic concepts of physics and ballistics.

In the games you will use well-known characters - protective Red, dizzy like a Chuck missile and Bomb with highly explosive temperament and others. Remember that the success of each action depends on the trajectory you have chosen for the bird, because each of them has its own abilities and skills.
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