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Fruita Crush

An addictive story about fruit and adventure - Fruita Crush!

In the magical country of Fruitalandia, the kingdom of fruit, there is a constant threat. The evil wizard, Darkbeard, has enchanted all the fruits, causing them to lose their flavor and color. He brought darkness and corruption to the land, depriving the inhabitants of joy and energy.

Help the heroes defeat Darkbeard and bring life back to Fruitalandia!

As a player, you take on the role of a brave adventurer who decides to fight Darkbeard. Your task is to collect different colored fruits and create combinations to free them from the spell. You must be smart and quick to defeat the wizard and restore harmony to Fruitalandia.

Go on a journey around Fruitalandia and overcome the challenges!

During your journey, you will have the opportunity to visit various locations in Fruitalandia, such as rainbow fields, apple orchard, and mango groves. Each place is full of unique fruits that you will have to collect. Make streaks of three or more fruits of the same type to knock them down and score points.

Get high scores and become popular in Fruitalandia!

Your skills in creating combinations of fruits and achieving high scores will not only bring joy to the people of Fruitalandia, but also attract the attention of other players from all over the country. The higher the score, the greater the popularity. You can show off your achievements on a special leaderboard where other players can admire your skills.

Welcome to Fruitalandia - the land of fruit adventures!

It's time for action! Get ready for an immersive journey through Fruitalandia where challenges, magic and unforgettable adventures await you. Gather your team of fruit heroes and take on Darkbeard. Enjoy the taste of victory and bring joy back to the people of Fruitalandia!

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