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Kizi Mizi: FroYo Bar

FroYo Bar

FroYo Bar

In "FroYo Bar" you play as a young entrepreneur who decided to open his own ice cream shop with frozen yogurt. Your goal is to create the best place in town where people can enjoy the delicious and healthy taste of frozen yogurt. But the road to success won't be that easy!

Get your ice cream shop


You will start by buying a small shop in the city center. Your first step, of course, is to arrange it in such a way that it attracts customers. Choose furniture, decorations and other design elements that will fit the concept of your ice cream shop. You can even create your own unique frozen yogurt flavors!

Manage your business

As in any simulation game, you have to manage your business. You must hire staff, provide proper training, control inventory, and maintain a high standard of customer service. The better you take care of your customers, the better your chances of success will be.

Grow your ice cream shop

Once you reach a certain level of success, you can expand your ice cream shop. You can open new locations in different parts of the city to attract more customers. You can also invest in advertising to increase your brand awareness and attract even more customers.

Compete with other ice cream shops

You are not alone in FroYo Bar. There are many other ice cream parlors in the city that are also vying for customers. You can compete with them by offering better promotions, hosting special events or introducing new frozen yogurt flavors. Your goal is to beat the competition and become the best place in town to enjoy delicious FroYo.

Get fame and success

Your ice cream shop can become a city legend. If you can please customers, get good reviews and achieve high sales figures, you can achieve fame and success. You can be recognized on the street and be appreciated for the high quality of your frozen yogurt. But keep in mind that maintaining success requires constant effort and improvement of your ice cream shop.

In FroYo Bar, there are many challenges waiting for you, but also a lot of satisfaction. Are you ready to create your own frozen yogurt empire? Start your adventure today!

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