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Frogtastic - Game rules and controls

game description Frogtastic

Your character will be a sweet frog who is not an ordinary inhabitant of a pond or lake, but a real warrior. Żabka protects the magical forest from mysterious balls that want to get to her hideout. Are you ready to help our heroine defeat all the balls? There are thirteen very dynamic and lively levels ahead of you. The main goal of the game, as in the classic game "Zuma" is to destroy all colored balls before they reach the mink at the end of the maze. To destroy the balls, you need to combine three or more balls of the same color. Then they will explode and disappear from the playing field. Make the magic forest mysterious and magical. Only there can fairy-tale creatures live!

The correct and enjoyable game works on a touch phone and tablet with Android and IOS. You will play without logging into the most demanding games.

Average ratings Frogtastic is 78/100. The game was given 9 votes. The game has now 2695 page views. The game was proposed on: 8 December 2018. Search for games with positive emotions