Kizi Mizi: Forsake the Rake

Forsake the Rake

In the game "Forsake the Rake" you play the role of a bold researcher who decides to discover the secret of a mysterious creature called Rake. For years, villagers have been telling legends about this beast that haunts the nearby forest and terrorizes all who dare to approach its territory.

Your goal is to survive and discover the truth about Rake. The game offers dynamic open-world gameplay where you must explore the forest, collect clues and talk to the villagers to discover the mystery of Rake.

Survive dangers and solve puzzles - During your adventure, you will have to face various dangers such as traps, enemies and unknown paranormal phenomena. You also have to solve riddles and puzzles to discover the secrets of the forest and Rake.

Improve your skills and equipment - Character development and acquiring new skills are crucial to survival in the game. You can gain experience, unlock new skills and upgrade your equipment to become stronger and better prepared to face Rake.

Follow the clues and discover hidden secrets - Throughout the game, you will encounter various clues and clues that will help you uncover the mystery of Rake. You have to be observant and follow every clue to get to the truth. Discover hidden places, find ancient artifacts and talk to characters who may have key information.

Will you survive and discover the truth about Rake? - Experience an exciting adventure in the dark forest, facing dangers and solving puzzles. Discover the secret of Rake and save the village from its evil influence. Can you push Rake?

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