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Forest Survival Simulator

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Forest Survival Simulator
Forest Survival Simulator

Forest Survival Simulator - Game rules and controls

game description Forest Survival Simulator

Forest survival simulator is a game dedicated to survival in an unknown environment. You are one of the survivors of the plane crash, you must find food and shelter, and also defend yourself from the terrifying local natives who roam the island. Explore the area and see what you can find - you have to work hard to collect various resources, such as wood and stone. Use these resources to create new items, weapons and even cover. In addition to weapons and equipment, you also need to collect food to preserve energy and health. As you progress, you'll encounter various monsters and animals - they are all hostile, so be prepared! The island is huge and there is something to discover, so try your luck today! Can you do it yourself, create a shelter and settle on this earth, or will you meet your end here?

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

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