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Foreign Creature

Foreign Creature - Take on the role of an alien creature

In Foreign Creature, you play as a mysterious alien creature that was sent to Earth to perform a mysterious task. Your goal is to discover what the task is and how to accomplish it. You still need to keep your true identity a secret so as not to arouse suspicion among people. Experience amazing adventures, discover new places and interactions, and discover what really awaits you.

Unique gameplay mechanics

Foreign Creature offers unique gameplay mechanics that will allow you to explore various areas and solve puzzles. As an alien, you have the ability to take control of other beings, giving you access to new skills and abilities. Use your skills of manipulation, camouflage and interaction to achieve your goals.

Choices and consequences

In Foreign Creature, your decisions matter. Every action you take influences the development of the plot and influences the fate of the characters you meet on your journey. Will you cooperate with other beings or act alone? Will you use your skills for good or evil? The choice is yours, but remember that every decision has consequences.

Discover the alien mystery

As the game progresses, you read mysterious messages and discover fragments of the aliens' history. You learn about their goals, motivations and backgrounds. Your goal is to discover the full story and understand why you were sent to Earth. Are you the only representative of your race or are there more? Only by solving puzzles and exploring the world can you discover the truth.


Foreign Creature is an exciting game with an unusual plot and unique gameplay mechanics. Will you be able to discover the secret of the alien creatures and complete your task? Will you act for good or for your own gain? It all depends on you. Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the unknown.

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