Kizi Mizi: Fit in the wall

Fit in the wall

Immerse yourself in the endless world of Fit in the Wall, a unique arcade game that will test your reaction and dexterity skills. In Fit in the Wall your task is to control the shape that must fit into the holes in the coming walls. Each wall brings a new challenge and the player must quickly adapt their shape to fit in and survive.

Fit in the Wall uses intuitive touch mechanics, allowing players to easily control and transform shapes. As you progress through the game, the pace starts to pick up, which means you have to act faster to stay alive. Only the fastest fingers and a sharp eye will survive in this exciting world full of challenges!

Each time you fit into a wall, you earn points that you can use to unlock new shapes and skins. Get the highest score and show your skills on the Fit in the Wall global leaderboard.

Get ready for a challenge like you've never experienced before. Fit in the Wall is an excellent game that will make you want to play again and again. Are you ready for an addictive and exciting arcade game? Join Fit in the Wall and start your adventure today!

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