Kizi Mizi: Fishing Duels

Fishing Duels

Welcome to the world of Fishing Duels, an amazing game that will take you on an exciting journey through the most beautiful waters in the world! Get ready for immersive challenges, excitement and competition with other players from around the globe.

In Fishing Duels you play as an experienced angler who dreams of catching the biggest and rarest fish. Your goal is to earn points and move up the world ranking to become a true fishing master.

During the game you will have the opportunity to travel to different corners of the world, such as picturesque lakes, wild rivers or exotic islands. Each place hides unique species of fish that are waiting for you. You will go fishing both during the day and at night to discover the secrets hidden under the water surface.

Use your fishing skills to catch as many fish as possible and score valuable points. You have to be in perfect control of your fishing tackle, cast your rods with precision and start retrieving at the right moment. Each fish has its own requirements, so you need to understand their behavior and food preferences.

But watch out! You are not alone in this competition. In Fishing Duels you will meet other fishing enthusiasts who will want to thwart your plans. You will have to face other players in exciting duels where pace, precision and the ability to predict the movements of the fish count.

Get unique items and upgrade your gear to increase your chances of catching the biggest fish. The game offers a variety of fishing rods, lures and accessories that you can earn by competing or by exchanging points for special prizes. The better your equipment, the better your chances of getting legendary fish to help you rank up.

Get ready for unforgettable adventures, exploring fascinating water worlds and competing with the best anglers in the world. Are you ready for Fishing Duels? Assemble your rod, cast and start fishing now!

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