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Epic Cluck
Epic Cluck

Epic Cluck - Game rules and controls

game description Epic Cluck

The plot of the game takes place in an ordinary chicken coop, where the most unusual chickens live. Their farm suffers heavy losses and cannot cope with the problem on its own. You play the role of a farmer who will deal with the financial situation and save the deteriorated kingdom of domestic birds. But how to make money on chicken? Lead a team of chickens to get to the coveted gold, which is at the top of the mountain. Defeat a huge number of obstacles and dangerous monsters along the way. Hire chicken bodyguards to earn coins in battles with your opponents. Build new hen houses for the money you earn, buy bird uniforms and deliver weapons. The gradual improvement of chicken parameters and learning skills will allow this team to cope with every task.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

Average ratings Epic Cluck is 83/100. The game was given 48 votes. The game has now 3623 pageviews. The game was proposed on: 30 April 2019. Search for games with positive emotions